Christina Keeble Consultancy

Tailored Sessions

Each professional development session is designed to meet the individual needs and challenges of your school, site or business.

Each session brings the perspective of a special education teacher, University lecturer in Autism and the lived experience of an Autistic/ADHD mum with 2 neurodivergent children (including PDA).

​No two presentations are the same.

Choose from the following topics: 

  • The Power of Imperfect Parenting – Modelling & Language
  • Demand Avoidance – The Everyday to the Extreme (anxiety & PDA)
  • Where to start when our kids don’t feel safe – Extreme Anxiety & PDA
  • Neuroception, Collaboration & Sensory Regulation – A 3 pronged approach to extreme anxiety
  • ADHD & Me – (Teacher, Mum and Late Diagnosed Adult)
  • Autism Spectrum, Neurodiversity & Teaching/Learning Strategies
  • Mindfulness & Mindset – Parenting & Teaching Neurodivergent Children
  • Mindfulness, Mindset & Self Regualtion
  • Neurodivergent Children & Sensory Regulation
  • Autism, ADHD & Anxiety
  • Autism, Anxiety & Sensory Regulation
  • Supporting Transitions
  • Diverse learners in Early Childhood
  • My Journey from Special Ed Teacher to Neurodivergent Mum – Take a Walk in my Shoes
  • The Power of Adult Diagnoses – Not Late, Just Not Early
  • Growth Mindset & It’s Power in Building Resilience
  • Words Matter – Mindful Parenting & Teaching
  • How to Write an Effective ILP using SMART-AR Goals

Or CONTACT me with what would suit your workplace, group, school or centre’s needs!

All Sessions Meet VIT’s New Requirements

The professional development session will be designed to meet the new Victorian Institute of Teaching’s requirement for ALL teachers to undertake professional development in special education. All sessions will meet the following standards: APST 1.5, 1.6 & 4.1.

Certificates of participation will be provided to all in attendance & will reference the required standards. 

To find out more about tailoring a workshop or seminar to your needs please get in touch via the CONTACT page.