I just wanted to express my thanks for today. You present so beautifully and make vulnerability seem like the easiest thing in the world. Today was incredible – thank you.

– Parent, ADHD & Demand Avoidance Seminar, Traralgon, VIC

Hi Christina,
I recently saw you in Wangaratta and thought you were brilliant! My son is newly diagnosed and I have never really known anything about ADHD or autism (head in the sand I guess).
You have taken me out of the raw heart ache & despair I was in and moved me into the positive, neurodiverse mindset. I love it and your message.

-Parent , ADHD & Demand Avoidance Seminar, Wangaratta, VIC

Hi Christina,

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for your talk at the VIC ADHD conference . There is something incredibly comforting and empowering about seeing a clearly intelligent and successful women speak so bluntly about struggling with everyday tasks that seem to come so easily to the rest of the world.

-A Fellow ADHD Parent & Educator, VIC ADHD Conference

We had the privilege of having Christina present at our Conference. Christina was easy to work with in the lead up to the conference and met the brief with her presentation with excellence. Christina delivered an engaging, educational and empowering workshop on Anxiety. Her approach is down to earth, honest, experienced and refreshing. 

 -Kate Johnson, Founder & Director, Spectrum Journeys, Inc.

The feedback we have received from educators regarding your presentation has been incredibly positive. There has been some fabulous discussions leading on from your presentation and you have left a trail of inspiration and motivation behind. Thank you so very much again!

-P. Allen, Support and Resource Officer, City of Casey FDC

You were absolutely fantastic. You are a true inspiration. I have tried some of your techniques today, “Do me a favour?”, and it worked no battles. You made me realize that as parents, as lonely as our journey may be, there are other who walk the same journey. Thank you a million times. Forever grateful for your advice and honesty.

-J. Allen, VIC, Parent

​I knew very little about education in this setting (special ed settings). I now feel that I have sufficient understanding to make a contribution. 

  -Casual Resource Teacher , VIC

Very down to Earth and knowledgeable speaker! Some very handy ideas, easy to follow through with on my own. Practical ideas for classroom setting and clearly gone through. Good list of resources to keep with you. Fabulous! Thank you!

-Casual Resource Teacher , VIC

Good general information on what anxiety in children is and how it makes them feel. Good examples on how to deal with children’s anxiety. Very interesting how it was related to own life. Great presentation, Thank you! 

-Educator, Family Day Care Baw Baw Shire

The webinar was very informative and thorough. Christina is relatable and easy to listen to. Thanks Christina for all the tips!

 -Esther, Casual Resource Teacher

Fantastic topic and great information for FDC Educators to understand. 

-Family Day Care Educator, Bass Coast , VIC

Christina Keeble designed and delivered an informative session tailored for our casual relief staff. It was a great opportunity for them to gain valuable insight into working with students with additional educational needs. Attendees were provided with a wealth of practical advice, strategies and tools for success!

 -C. B., SEN Coordinator, anzuk.education , VIC

It was wonderful to meet and discuss our teams training needs with Christina.  This gave her the opportunity to tailor the training specific to our needs!!  Christina’s presentation was very clear and comprehensive and offered specific strategies and ideas appropriate to our circumstances.  Christina displayed a very professional approach and I was most impressed with the overall training.

 -D. M., Child Care Centre Manager, Wonthaggi, VIC

The training was wonderfully informative and really focused on the topics of interest. Christina presented her training well and answered queries with confidence and strong knowledge. I have already implemented many things from the training into the room and found this very helpful.

-B. Johnston, Early Childhood Educator, Bass Coast, VIC

Thank you Christina for sharing your strong knowledge of teaching students with individual learning needs. The presentations offered the staff many new ideas and strategies to implement in their classrooms. Teachers greatly benefited from being provided different definitions and examples of individual learning behaviours and how teachers can individualise programs to support these students. Christina’s professional approach and deep level of knowledge insured teachers remained engaged with the content.

-Assistant Principal, Dept. of Education, VIC