Please find below resources I’ve created to support you and your family or students! You are welcome to download any (or all!) of the pdf’s to use, however please note no alterations are to be made and my copyright information must remain on it.

If you would like a custom resource made, please send me an email through my CONTACT page.

Free downloads to support you

I created this video for a workshop series put on by Anglicare, VIC Australia for parents, teachers and their kids.

I’ve made it available for everyone, hoping it will help you learn about anxious feelings, what happens to your brain and body when we feel anxious and give you some simple strategies that you can use almost anywhere.

This is great to watch with your child or your class.

There is also a pack with resources available for FREE to download which compliment this video which can be downloaded here:

A 2 page PDF with a front and back side to a business sized card that can be filled out, printed and laminated. There are 8 copies of the card on the two pages. Fill out with your name and instructions of how you can be supported when you are experiencing overwhelm, overload or a meltdown in public. On the back is a place where you can write your emergency contact information and things that trigger and calm you.

A flexible daily timetable with ideas and explanations. This is in PDF format and includes links to resources.

The visuals created to accompany the flexible timetable for home study (above). The visual schedules are in PDF format and were created using the Boardmaker program.

This First Day of School sign is a 2 page print out (it should print nicely in black and white as well). The first page is a sign the kids can hold up on the first day of school as you take photos to remember the day. Space has been left so you can fill in details if you want such as their year/grade and the full date and/or name. The second page is my favourite! It is a page they can write their name you can either trace their hand or do a hand print to remember how big (or little) they are in the future. A great way to create a lovely keepsake.

This Getting to Know Me pdf is wonderful to give to anyone new who is going to support your child or student. It’s a one page snapshot of them from a strengths based perspective. Have them help you fill it out!

This Self Care Workbook is for EVERYONE! Use a portion of it or use all of it. Whatever works for you. As a parent, explain to the family that you will be implementing this for yourself. It is a powerful way to model the importance of self care. If our kids grow up with us modeling positive mental health practices, they are more likely to implement them themselves.

On that note, this Self Care Workbook is also a great tool to begin using with tweens (8yr +) and up as a way to focus on the importance of self care and to help them learn how to make a plan to implement.

Remember though, you are not glued to the plan. This is not a resource intended on making you feel guilty for NOT doing it! Use it to empower, not to entrap.

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