Alpacas Don’t Worry picture book by Christina Keeble

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Alpacas Don’t Worry my first children’s picture book supports all kids who have big worries.  

‘I’ll tell you about an alpaca named Laurie, who learned she could swap her big cuddles for worries.’

Join neurodivergent author, educator and mother Christina Keeble on a tale to teach young worrying minds techniques for soothing anxieties while fostering connection with their caregivers.

This picture book supports children to understand the importance of sharing their worries with trusted adults. The activities at the end are designed to be fun, completed with an adult and brings the strategies out off the pages of the story and into the child’s reality to be used daily.

Christina Keeble is a special education teacher, published psychology researcher, family consultant, public speaker and an Autistic/ADHD mother of two neurodivergent children.


“A beautiful book for children guiding them in the expression and sharing of their worries. Soft and fluffy Laurie will appeal to many children as a comfort and the activity at the end will teach children a useful strategy of managing their worries. Christina’s book will be a great resource on the bookshelf for both parents and therapists.”

– Danuta Bulhak-Paterson, Clinical Psychologist & author of I am an Aspie Girl



5 reviews for Alpacas Don’t Worry picture book by Christina Keeble

  1. Mon Nseir

    Look forward to reading this book with the kids x

  2. Mon Nseir

    look forward to reading this with the kids

  3. Donatella Delogu

    Looking forward to read it!

  4. Sabrina Doyle (verified owner)

    Such a gorgeous treasure of a book that my little anxious kiddo adored reading! Can’t wait to see what other adventures Christina comes up with!

  5. Carmen Myler

    I wish I had had this book when I was a worried little girl. I am very happy to have it now though to read with the little ones in my life. Laurie the alpaca is a delightful character who guides kids to swap their worries for cuddles, seek out a trusted adult and write down or draw your fears and put them in her worry box. A very sweet picture book that will leave you and your kids feeling warm and reassured. Thanks Christina.

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