I’ve spent a lifetime (40 next year!) observing others discreetly. Analysing situations and the people within them, from social to work environments, while interpreting the results and applying them to myself. I emulated others dress, style, interests, taste in music, hobbies, habits, expressions, mannerisms, work personas, phone voices the listContinue Reading

Today the 3rd of December is #InternationalDayofPeoplewithDisability. The theme for 2020 is invisible disabilities. One of the main challenges is that there is no visible clue that someone needs extra support or what kind of support etc. That is why as a society we need to focus on approaching eachContinue Reading

Today is teacher’s day. In a time when the light is shed on the negativity of our world and of the teaching profession, I want to make sure to acknowledge and shine the light brightly on the profession which I love and am proud to be a part of. TeachingContinue Reading

You may have noticed a slight change. I’ve changed my business name (again!) and slightly edited my tag line. This will be my final change, and has been in the back of my mind since my business name was Special Education Mum. I felt though that I needed to haveContinue Reading

Even though I’ve lived with anxiety all my life, I’ve learnt the most from my children. Because I had early talkers, I’ve had an insight into their inner world earlier than I expected. One of my children started this before they had full sentences. It was always the same fewContinue Reading

Growing up I was a collector. I collected pretty much anything that catptured my interest including Garfield comics, porcelin dolls, coins, spoons, sea glass, old glass bottles, crystals, flowers and more. This evolved as I became an adult and generally aligned with what I was doing for work which thankfullyContinue Reading

I want to talk about difference. Diversity. Be it in our physical appearance or in our neurology and how we process the world. So many times I hear parents talk about wanting their child with a disability to grow up and have a “normal childhood, just like everyone else”. I’mContinue Reading

You may have noticed a changeā€¦ If you’ve been with me from the very, very beginning in 2015 you will have seen my page evolve. I started out as Special Education Services. As my personal life evolved and diagnoses/additional labels became part of our journey my business evolved into SpecialContinue Reading