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Neurodivergent Parent, Consultant, Teacher & Speaker

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I have worked in the specialist education & disability field since 2002 and have a passion for research, supporting & educating others from the lived perspective & facilitating understanding. I am an Autistic and ADHD mum of two PDAers. I was diagnosed after my children were at the age of 37.

I am a Neurodivergent Consultant currently delivering my seminars to parents, carers & professionals. I support families, schools and businesses around Australia and the world in practical, research backed, trauma informed strategy development and implementation, collaboration and training. I develop practical resources and programs to be implemented in schools, businesses and at home to support Autistic and ADHD individuals.

Alongside my consulting business I am also co-owner of National PEKE Centres which are bringing positive change to the diagnosis and support process in the disability field by utilising Neurodiversity Affirming Practices.

I have a Masters in Special Education, a Diploma in Education Primary, and a BA with Honours in Psychology. I am also a published researcher in a peer reviewed clinical psychology journal.

I have been honoured to have worked with a variety of children with additional needs and their families (from 0-18 years old) across a range of settings including the classroom (USA, NSW & VIC), playgroups (VIC), and social services (NSW), I have a strong interest in Autism and worked in Autism specific schools (NSW) for several years.

My journey as an adult began with a career in specialist educational settings and has come full circle as I first became a mum, then a mum to two neurodivergent PDAers who led me to discover my own neurodivergency.

I feel blessed to understand neurodiversity & being neurodivergent from all angles. Educating and supporting others to understand neuro-differences from the professional and lived perspective is my passion and I would love the opportunity to share my unique knowledge & skill set in order to support you.

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