Happy Teacher’s Day

Today is teacher’s day. In a time when the light is shed on the negativity of our world and of the teaching profession, I want to make sure to acknowledge and shine the light brightly on the profession which I love and am proud to be a part of. Teaching is not a job, to be accurate it isn’t a profession either. To be a teacher, it truly is a way of life. This morning I wrote this while reflecting on my time in the classroom and with all of the amazing teachers who’ve played a role in the development of my 2 monkeys. Teachers, this is for you. With Love.

You do what you do without recognition.
Without fanfare, acknowledgment or thanks.
You do it because it’s your calling, it’s part of who you are.
Being a teacher is not a job or career.
Being a teacher is a way of life.
You can’t leave your work at work.
Teaching is with you everywhere you go.
When you go to a shop and you see those items that will be perfect for your
upcoming science lesson, so you buy them with your own money because
you’ve already spent your classroom budget.
Teaching is with you when you are grocery shopping and you make sure you
buy extra fruit so you can always have something healthy on hand for that
student whose lunch box is particularly sparse.
Teaching is with you when you are planning and marking assessments into
the wee hours of the morning, on your “school holidays”.
When you’re attending workshops to further your skills on your weekend and
when you’re kept awake pondering how you can possibly further support that
student in your class whose life at home is extra challenging.
I want to take this moment to acknowledge you teacher.
You are not paid enough and increasingly not given the respect you deserve.
But know that I am thankful for you, I appreciate and respect you.
I entrust you with my most precious piece of my heart, my child, every day.
Teaching is so much more than teaching a student to learn to read and write.
But I want to say thank you for that too.
Today, on Teacher’s Day, please know that you are valued.

-Christina Keeble

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