Onward and…

You may have noticed a slight change. I’ve changed my business name (again!) and slightly edited my tag line. This will be my final change, and has been in the back of my mind since my business name was Special Education Mum.

I felt though that I needed to have Neurodivergent Mum before going straight to my name as the main thing… It was totally in my head. I wanted to bridge the gap between the “special education” and my truth, my “neurodivergency”… a part of me still struggles with “impostor syndrome” and this path made me feel more confident in this final transition to my business name.

Having evolved from Spec Education Services to Christina Keeble Consulting has been a 4 year journey. What a roller coaster ride! Highs and lows and so, so, so, so much learning and growth (personally and professionally).

I am now in a good space where I feel confident in who I am and what my purpose and direction is. The doubt and uncertainty of being an impostor still has its moments of creeping in, but I keep it in check by always reminding myself how much I have learnt on this journey and how much I continue to learn, every day.

I will keep my blog as Neurodivergent Mum, but I will move forward with my name at the forefront of my business and what I do.

Thank you for being here as a part of my journey. And an extra big thank you if you’ve hung in there from my stumbling beginnings.

Onward and upward!……Ok, Let’s be realistic here… onward and zig-zag! 🤣😘

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