Neurodivergent Mum

Neurodivergent Mum

You may have noticed a change…

If you’ve been with me from the very, very beginning in 2015 you will have seen my page evolve.

I started out as Special Education Services. As my personal life evolved and diagnoses/additional labels became part of our journey my business evolved into Special Education Mum. That name was always meant to reflect my personal journey from Special Educator to Mum of Autistic kids. However, as I have become more involved in the Autistic community after receiving my children’s diagnoses and eventually my own the more disconnected I began to feel from my business name.

I’ve always been someone who can feel subtle changes in emotion in others, even if I didn’t understand why it happened. As I learned more about the history of Autism through Autistic adults, I began to understand, research and eventually embrace the Neurodiversity paradigm and movement. Again, I felt more of a disconnect from my business name. However in my field of teaching, the term special education is still actively used. I felt a collective tension in my followers, the individuals who would come to hear me speak, and I also felt it in myself. I do not function well when I have a disconnect that to me represents a moral dilemma. As time has gone on, that is what my business name had become.

As my challenges at home have been increasing over the past year, my business challenges took a back seat. With both monkeys in school, I’m finding pieces of time and realised it was time to reconcile this misalignment between my business name and my personal values. Hence, Neurodivergent Mum was born. The alignment of myself with my business image has brought a relief to my being. I have a strong sense of justice, morality and standing true in YOUR truth. For a while now, I felt as if I was not only betraying myself, but those who really know me and not accurately representing my tribe, my skills/abilities/services but most importantly what I was reflecting back to others (through my business name) was not an accurate representation of MY truth.

Neurodivergent Mum accurately represents me, in this moment. My aim is to educate, collaborate, support and uplift families/carers, individuals & professionals who are neurodivergent themselves, who support a neurodivergent individual or who may just be looking to understand more about neurodiveristy. I will do this from my lived experience as a teacher, as a woman and as an Autistic & ADHD mum to 2 neurodivergent children.

It’s hard to believe that 30 years ago I was painfully shy and terrified of speaking in front of a group. But here I am, sharing, speaking and connecting with you wonderful people! I talk about my journey, my challenges and my passion in the hopes that there will be some small nugget of gold you will take from it that supports and uplifts you in some way.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Light & Love,
Christina Keeble
Neurodivergent Mum

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