Neurodivergent Mum & Christina Keeble Consulting is brought to you by me, Christina Keeble!

My aim is to educate, collaborate, support and uplift families/carers, individuals & professionals who are neurodivergent themselves, who support a neurodivergent individual or who may just be looking to understand more about neurodiveristy. I will do this from my lived experience as a teacher, as a woman and as an Autistic & ADHD mum to two neurodivergent children.

I am currently delivering seminars to parents and professionals and supporting families, schools and businesses as an autism & neurdivergent consultant.  My Complete In Home Consultation Package has me supporting One family a week with a package that combines all of my professional and lived experience. It is a burst of support and a unique service that I introduced in 2020!

My paper qualifications include a Masters in Special Education, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education Primary, and a BA with Honours in Psychology. I am also a published researcher in a peer reviewed clinical psychology journal.

I’ve been honoured to have worked in the field since 2002 with a variety of children with additional needs and their families (from 0-17 years old) across a range of settings including the classroom (NSW & VIC),  playgroups (VIC), and social services (NSW), I have a strong interest in Autism and worked in Autism specific schools (NSW) for several years.  

I am passionate about research and helping families and individuals find practical ways to implement and integrate evidence based strategies in their everyday lives. I believe in empowering families and individuals with knowledge, encouraging a neurodiversity mindset and supporting them in a strengths and growth mindset based approach.

My journey as an adult began with a career in specialist educational settings and has come full circle as I became first a mum, then a mum to 2 neurodivergent cherubs who led me to discover my own neurodivergency.

I was diagnosed as Autistic & ADHD following my children’s diagnoses. I feel blessed to understand neurodiversity & being neurodivergent from all angles, have it as my passion and be able to share my lived experience with you.

How can my lived experience and knowledge serve you?

Let me know by sending me a message via the CONTACT form. I look forward to hearing from you.

30 Jan 2021 10am-3pm Melbourne Time – ONLINE & RECORDED Event