The Many Faces of Anxiety

Even though I’ve lived with anxiety all my life, I’ve learnt the most from my children. Because I had early talkers, I’ve had an insight into their inner world earlier than I expected. One of my children started this before they had full sentences. It was always the same few words which equaled a question […]

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Pay Attention to Passions

Growing up I was a collector. I collected pretty much anything that catptured my interest including Garfield comics, porcelin dolls, coins, spoons, sea glass, old glass bottles, crystals, flowers and more. This evolved as I became an adult and generally aligned with what I was doing for work which thankfully was my choice. I began […]

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Ditching Normal

I want to talk about difference. Diversity. Be it in our physical appearance or in our neurology and how we process the world. So many times I hear parents talk about wanting their child with a disability to grow up and have a “normal childhood, just like everyone else”. I’m always taken aback, slightly shocked […]

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Neurodivergent Mum

You may have noticed a changeā€¦ If you’ve been with me from the very, very beginning in 2015 you will have seen my page evolve. I started out as Special Education Services. As my personal life evolved and diagnoses/additional labels became part of our journey my business evolved into Special Education Mum. That name was […]

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